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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  January 24, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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devastation, more than 50 million gallons of water spewed from the 54-inch water main that shut down about 15 businesses. right now, a boil water advisory is in effect. our scott broom is live on capitol heights. scott, we want to know how long the repairs are going to take and whether this boil water advisory is set to do that. >> they are measuring the repair probably in days. the boil water advisory is just a precaution and the repairs as you can see behind me, they are underway right now, right after this incredible explosion of water at 4:00 this morning. the 54-inch water main burst for no known reason at 4:00 in the morning with explosive power. 50 million gallons spilled, flipping cars like toys, flooding, at least nine addresses in the business park and leaving a property manager stunned. >> there's debris everywhere. >> reporter: and then the traffic, water flooding on to
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the inner loop of the beltway, crashes on the ice. the inner loop closed for seven hours, causing gridlock. traffic started moving just before noon after they got the water turned off and highway workers cleared the ice. and then a boil water advisory was issued for nearly 400,000 residence in prince george's county south of central avenue. >> when you lose pressure and a significant amount of your distribution system for an extended period of time, there is a risk for can tom nation. >> we have a record number amount of water main breaks in december. >> reporter: the general manager appeared weary of yet another spectacular infrastructure failure. >> we have several billions of dollars of infrastructure improvements that need to be made in montgomery and prince george's county. this is an example of those things neglected and what could happen in these kinds of situations. >> and here is another example. one of the condemned store fronts here in the business center, there are nine of these
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condemned addresses completely gutted structured, the water in here was chest deep this morning and outside piles of debris, everything from car bumpers to what started off the furniture and of course a big repair out here. a lot of asphalt to fix and entire building to fix, at least tonight, the beltway is back running. reporting live on capitolheights, scott broom, nine nonose. >> the power of the massive water main break. we'll see it right there. >> thank you. the arctic cold has a hold on our area. and what it is. will the temperatures drop so low tonight to cause problems for traffic? and in that same area where scott is standing? anny hong is in for topper tonight. >> reporter: hey there, yeah, we're still talking about temperatures below freezing, so yeah, there is still some excess water out there tonight and into tomorrow morning. most likely, it will be freezing out there. you'll see the layer of ice, definitely be very careful if you're in that area. we're talking about a milder air mass coming in, but
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temperatures right now, still below freezing. 29 for reagan national. mid-20s up north in hagerstown, and 34 for culpepper. and tonight, we're expecting mostly cloudy conditions. now, the good news here, you're not as cold. we're not talking about single digits, but still below freezing, lows 20 to 29 degrees south winds at 20 miles an hour. here is a look at future cast. they are asking the storm, when are we going to see the storm and rain and mix and here we go. tuesday, pretty uneventful during the day. you can see by tuesday night after midnight into wednesday morning, we see the storm coming up from the south. and then by wednesday morning, 8:00, you can see that morning rush hour, it will be impacting the areas in green as the rain, the yellow, and the more moderate to heavy rainfall. and the purple is a mix, the blue and light snow. we forward this. this is going to stick with us all day on wednesday. and some areas, they may turn into rain as temperatures do go above freezing, but then at night, temperatures, they will fall once again to below freezing. then we'll see the temperatures maybe changing things into the
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snow area. you can see this area wednesday evening as well. we'll talk about this and also as far as accumulations are concerned, for what areas you could see the ice and snow coming up a little bit later. back to you, lesli. >> all right, anny, now to a terror alert. the suicide bombing attack in moscow. the explosion rips through the busiest airport. the blast in the baggage area, killing 35 people and wounded 180 others. no one has claimed responsibility, but russian authorities, they suspect rebels fighting for islamist independent state. and today's attack has renewed security concerns as russia prepares to host two major international sporting vents, the 2014 winter olympics and the 2018 world cup. and the airport's security procedures have been called into question before, but its website says they have cutting- edge technology that guarantees the safety of the passengers and guests. our bruce johnson is live outside dulles international airport with some reactions. in and out, you discovered some
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lapses in security there? >> reporter: well, lesli, let me put it this way and you decide for yourself. if you're flying out of dulles international airport, you've got to go through security, your baggage has to go through security, but if you're meeting somebody, arriving here at dulles or if you just want to hang out at the baggage area, you don't have to go through security. thousands of bags of all shapes and sizes and just as many people pack the arrival in the baggage claim area at dulles international airport. there is concern tonight about the carnage in the baggage area at moscow's airport. >> does it makedown comfortable when you hear about the bomb blast? >> yeah, it does. we're more of a target than moscow is actually. >> it is definitely wagner waiting for his daughter's arrival from germany. >> reporter: increasing security at dulles, we couldn't tell, arriving at the baggage claim area without going
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through a security check. >> would you be okay to step up your security? if you had to go through security? >> yes, i think so. >> the bomb is probably put there by chechens. >> neil livings zone has been at the moscow airport for several times. >> security was not too good, although you did not hand your bag over when you actually entered the airport facility itself. at the same time, it looked like people who came in to the baggage area, they say that if someone is coming out, they could go there the same time. they were not monitoring that very well. >> reporter: and russia's busiest airport, livingston says that the bombing stay is law's problem. and property not an international problem. okay, again, we have heard nothing from tsa. so maybe they think that this is a russian problem at this point. but we can tell you that no flights out of here, to moscow have been canceled. united has a direct flight, they don't fly today. but tomorrow, a direct flight into moscow and that flight is definitely a go. lesli, back to you. >> all right, bruce, thank you
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for your reports. we have breaking news to get out of prince george's county. police say a man has been found dead along the 5700 block of silver hill road in district heights. they apparently received a report of shotting fired at that location. and when they arrived, they found a man suffering a gunshot wound to the head. and there is no description of any suspects or what the motive may be. we have a crew on the way. you can get the latest on our website, the young man accused of carrying out a mass shooting in tucson, arizona, pleaded not guilty today to charges that he tried to kill congressional member, gabrielle giffords, and two of herassistants. he marked his second court appearance as he allegedly shot giffords and 18 others outside the safeway grocery store. six people died, 13 others were wounded. and tonight, giffords remains in intensive care at a hospital in houston. doctors have been dealing with a build up of fluid in her brain, but they say overall, she continues to improve. and they hope to transfer her
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soon to another houston facility, that specializes in patient rehab. well, he's back. virginia republican, george allen, fighting to revive his political career. we're going to share his campaign news ahead. but first, caught on tape. a max truck rolled over, catches fire, and the driver walks away. you're going to want to see this video after the break.
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take a look at this dash cam video. the semi was carrying a load of french fries when it flipped. this happened at mountain view, minnesota. the state patrol said that the 28-year-old driver was sent to the hospital to be treated for minor burns, but he's going to be okay. dozens of abortion rights opponents have rallied on the mall, marching to the supreme court to march the 38th anniversary of roe verses way,
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the court ruling -- wade, the court ruling that made abortion legal nationwide. three dozen lawmakers ruled on the march and they would work to restrict tax dollars for abortion. the immigration debate is back in the forefront in frederick, maryland. state lawmakers from frederick county say that they will introduce a bill, requiring a tally of possible illegal immigrants, attending the county's public school. no such documentation is required by the schools since the supreme court has ruled that all children must get an education, regardless of immigration status. well, vice president, biden, is called to serve in a different venue. we're going to tell you more about that and plus, the president's former chief of staff gets picked off the ballot. his run for chicago mayor is not over. we'll be right back.
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switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. the clock is winding down ahead of president obama's state of the union speech. his aids will not give too
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detailed of a preview, but some of his ideas could facing strong resistance as republicans are standing firm on their promise to slash government spending. >> reporter: president huddled -- president obama huddled with his advisors as he goes over the state of the union speech line by line. they came together, but by the best efforts, the spokesman won't reveal what is all in it. >> we have a weird thing about the president giving a speech. >> reporter: the white house aid did say that he will lay out his ideas on creating jobs and strengthening the economy. his plan is expected to center around five so-called pillars, innovation, education, infrastructure, deficit reduction, and reforming government. one of the key words to listen for on tuesday night when the president comes up here to capitol hill is investing. that's how the president will portray his new proposals. republicans say it's just a new word for spending, and they are against it. >> the best social service program in the world is a job. and people, they want jobs.
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>> reporter: faced with a stronger gop, the president will look for areas where both sides can agree. >> these are big challenges, they are in front of us, but we're up to it as long as we come together as a people. republicans, democrats, independence. >> that sense of unity will be visible in parts of the house chamber. several democrats and republicans have paired off, a dream to sit together for the speech, instead of the traditional arrangement where they are on separate sides. terrell brown, cbs news, washington. among the vip guests sitting with the first lady on tuesday night will be daniel hernandez, the intern who helped save congresswoman gabrielle giffords' life after she was shot earlier in the head in tucson. you can watch the president's state of the union address tomorrow night live right here on wusa. joe biden might be the vice
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president, but that doesn't mean he has to not fulfill his duties. he reported for duty in delaware and he was excused. the supreme court justice, elena kagan was not called to serve either. earlier today, an appeal's court today, knocked rob emanuel out of the chicago mayoral race. it's not over yet are. he will appeal the matter to the illinois supreme court. now, the issue is his residency. the appeal's court agreed with those challenging emanuel, saying that he did not meet a residency requirement because he lived in washington when he worked for president obama. george allen is back and he is hoping for a rematch with senator jim webb. on themes right out of the tea party playbook, the former governor and senator issued a rally call to virginia voters.
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we need leaders to help and fight this for the people. and reduce our family's energy cost by unleashing our american resources and creativity. today, i'm announcing my candidacy for the u.s. senate. >> the tea party activist and the conservative alligate are expected -- delegate are expected to challenge allen on the republican ticket. this time tomorrow could be pretty interesting tomorrow? >> yes, tomorrow, it'll be a lotted milder. after we head to bed tomorrow after midnight and wednesday, we're talking about this storm impacting us. so that milder air is going to be moving in tomorrow. it'll be a lot more comfortable for a lot of you folks out there. right now, still below freezing, 29 at reagan national. 30 in leesburg, and 21 in oakland. so you know, reagan national, we made it to the freezing mark at 32 today. so you know the at least we got to the freezing mark. lows tonight, no single digits
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on the map. that's the good news. 28 for the reagan national, frederick, 23, 26 in annapolis, easton, 25 degrees. winchester 26. so it will be a little more comfortable tomorrow morning. heading out the door, look for partly sunny skies and milder relatively with temperatures in the mid-20s. winds are out of the south. by the afternoon, increasing clouds later. and a chance of snow or rain late, highs in the mid-40s. some locations, upper 40s, maybe near the 50s. so a big change as far as temperatures are concerned. the future cast is focusing late tuesday after midnight and early wednesday morning. by 7:30 on wednesday, you can see your commute will be impacted because we're going to have areas of a wintery mix, rain, and to the south, you'll most likely get rained on. in the areas of blue with the light snow. the light snow. by 10:00, we're still dealing with this. this is actually going to stick
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around, pretty much all day. and this band of wintery precipitation, really, it's not really moving that much. so through wednesday evening, by 6:00, we'll still do with maybe some snow, freezing rain, and also some sleet as well. you can see the yellow, that's the moderate rain, so they could be changing to rain by the afternoon. and as temperatures do warm up to above freezing. and our future cast, as far as the snow accumulation is concerned, you can see in the dc area, nothing by wednesday at noon, but to the north and rest of us, for cumberland, you can get up to four inches by the noon hour on wednesday and then more than eight inches by wednesday at 6:00. oakland, five and half inches. no accumulation. nothing for dc, according to this map. this is a little more of an aggressive future cast. some saying only a couple of inches in the locations to the north and west. and the future cast for the ice and sleet accumulations, okay, we'll get ice and sleet in the areas of pink. that does include gaithersburg with a possibility, according to this model, same thing for culpepper in the dc area, maybe just a trace. and so this is a tough storm
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system for them to really, euphoric kind of pinpoint the accum-- you know, kind of pinpointing the accumulation. the snow is coming in late night, wintery conditions. and also for wednesday, high of 39. and thursday could be breezy at times. 39 degrees. under partly cloudy conditions. here is the seven-day outlook. we'll dry out after this, you know, one-day storm system on wednesday. back into the mid-40s for saturday. so wednesday is the key day here, folks, where your morning and evening commutes will be iming exacted -- impacted. it could be slick in a lot of spots. >> all right, anita, you'll be watching that. brett is here with the super bowl. >> yes, because the hype, can we agree that the hype after two weeks gets a little much? i'll be the chief hype officer. they have nine super bowl titles teen them in 13 day -- between them in 13 days. someone will have number 10 on the road to dallas. plus, they are calling it true
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you know when people are asked to name the top quarterbacks in football, they usually start with brady and manning and then they roll down to drew brees and lately they add aaron rodgers and matt ryan, but somehow, ben roethlisberger gets left off the list. big ben has launched himself into the third super bowl in just seven years in the league. and as the steelers get set to take on the packers in 13 days, other qb's may have lost their reputations or threw a prettier ball, but ben has a different specialty. he just wins. >> any time you get to the super bowl it feels good. i don't care what you're going through or what's going on, but we put a lot of "we," as a team put a lot of stuff behind us and found a way to get it done. >> we're just so excited and happy for those guys.
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>> as for the nfc side, packers win over the bears, sending green bay to their fifth super bowl. if you've been following the old jake cutler is a baby storyline for the last few days, diagnosed with a torn mcl, to which they say that i have 20 knee surgeries, suck it up and play. and he is gone to the super bowl. georgetown hoop is back from the brink after starting the big east schedule, 1-4. they posted back had to have -- back- to-back games on wednesday night. a team they already lost to once this year. and they spent today on hill top. after losing three straight, they could now win three straight. a rematch against st. john's on wednesday night, a team they lost to earlier in the year. and just the typical flow of a big east schedule. >> we didn't really play the best game.
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myself, austin, we're anxious to play. we're preparing and watching the film and we're going to correct our mistake. >> reporter: coach thompson knows that it is definitely a marathon and not a sprint. >> well, however the stuff looks like right now, at the end of the year, it could be very different. you have to put all your energy into the next game, you know, because there have been times in the past when we started off very well and then we're not doing as well. and this year we started off poorly. we're going to do better for them. so in both scenarios, you know, there's time. >> will they definitely cannot look past st. john's, but there's a good one this weekend, at number 8. in georgetown, 9news now. >> lou, thank you. time to pick this week's high school sportsnet game of the week. among the games on the menu, mcgrudy, leading maryland's 3-a east. roosevelt, top dogs in dc, traveling to dunbar.
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and lowden valley looks to get over .500. cast your votes right now. we've got coverage on friday night. come on back, let's take number 21 for the wizards tonight as they look for their first road victory of the year. taking on the knicks, wizards are 0-20 on the road this year. a loss tonight would mean they would go half the seasonwithout a road win. hosting the rangers, remember the last time the caps met the blue shirts in december, they got embarrassed, 7-0. revenge on the menu tonight. and barley will be in goal. finally, the jet's first- time offense was not the ugly part of the game, it was their hygiene. this is in the first quarter. watch mark sanchez pick his nose and wipe it on the former redskins and backup quarterback. to normal people, that's just disgusting as it gets, but apparently to football players, that's an okay thing to do. and you know, poor mark. he's been in the league for too long to have to suffer through that. >> that's just gross. >> we'll have more on the weather coming up at 7:00. that's it for us right now.
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the cbs evening news with katie couric is next. derek is in at 7:00. tomorrow morning, it starts bright and early at 4:25.


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